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The self-oiling Aermotor 602 and Aermotor 702 windmills, produced between 1916 and the early 1950's in the United States, are by far the most common & popular of all the water pumping windmills made in the twentieth century. The Chicago-built Aermotor mills are considered the Cadillac of windmills because of their outstanding design and quality of workmanship. Even today old reconditioned 602 and 702 Model mills command prices almost as high as the foreign made clones mills being sold as new….especially those Chicago-built windmills refurbished and restored with U.S.A. made parts.

As do most windmill professionals, we believe in American Exceptionalism when it comes to producing quality materials and manufacturing the best fitting replacement parts. Our business, Aermotor-Parts.Com, is based on this belief and recognizes “VALUE” goes beyond competitive pricing.

We offer a full line of new replacement parts for Aermotor 602 & Aermotor 702 windmills. The vast majority of the items we sell are NEW unless noted otherwise and 99% of them are U.S.A. made.

We do not sell the Chinese or Mexican made windmill parts given their reputation as being inconsistent in quality and workmanship and viewed as poor fitting, often needing to be custom fitted for use. We sell first quality U.S.A. made parts, the preferred part when offered at affordable prices, as we do.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction and will refund your purchase price without question. We have the utmost confidence in our U.S.A. made parts unlike the vendors that try to convince you that Chicago Aermotor or San Angelo Aermotor have a factory in Mexico making 702 parts. We recently saw such a claim and assume the vendor is attempting to capitalize on peoples naivety and the fact that the “aermotor” copyright is not protected in Mexico. For those who do not know, there is no affiliation between the Aermotor Co. and the Mexico based Windmill 702 LLC that produces all WindEngine 702 mills, towers and parts. We are also disappointed to learn that Muller Industries of South Dakota is now selling Chinese made parts without disclosing their origin as though they were U.S.made items. Smart buyers will ask a retailer where their parts originate from to avoid the disappointed created by vendors like Ken O'Brock of O'Brock Windmills in Ohio who has a long history of selling Chinese & Mexican made mills & parts without full disclosure.

Whether for décor purposes or everyday use we are dedicated to helping those restoring Aermotor windmills to achieving their goals in the most affordable way, while protecting the value of their investment in a historically significant machine.

Support our country by buying Made in America goods and products.

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